The Cosmic Law of thought

Is the Cosmic Law wherein drive follows cognitive content. Wherever suggestion goes,
energy will movement. Therefore, those who desire to energise have need of simply to conduct their imaginings toward
that point of reference which desires energising.

The Law of Thought, conjunctive beside the Law of Co-creation is the response to HOW and WHY Prayer
and Healing complex and How and WHY it lone takes 144 human co-creating Lightworkers to rapidly
and smoothly CHANGE OUR WORLD - throb rate-wise, governmental-wise, political-wise,
economic-wise, peace-wise poverty-wise, health-wise, medical-wise, education-wise, social group
order-wise, and any way, form and descriptor of otherwise minus need for violence, conflict,
judicial management or any existing thinking psyche material way or policy.

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The Law of Information

Is that Cosmic Law which states that all records is animation and carries energy, and that
all zest is statistics and carries subject matter. The concerned of this Law explains
the principles of the ghostly state of affairs.

Those Lightworkers who fitly utilize these Cosmic Laws in a co-creative behaviour
not solitary may, but CAN, writing past, contribution and early situations, conditions, lifestyles,
environs and yesteryear for the physical structure of death upon this celestial body and heavenly body Earth as economically.
Keep in consciousness also: Whatever happens and /or is finished here on heavenly body Earth has an immediate
and resultant point of view and impinging upon remaining areas end-to-end all vibrating realms of the
material cosmos and the Universe of Spirit (anti-matter) as good. WHY? Because Planet
Earth is a Universal Focal Point for Universal Creative Action supported upon FREE WILL CHOICE!

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Akasha is the hard abiding anti-matter spirit -energy body of the Supreme Creator,
the full cognisant Essence of all things, as well as the Creative Force Vibration aspects of
all minds and judgment. Akasha is e'er everywhere present, even into virgin cancelled areas
of cognitive state whereon no yeasty propel shudder has yet been graven . Akasha is
ONE to the full mindful article of anti-matter suds of Spirit Energy, magnetically non-polarized
until invoked quantity spray are treated and polarized for original undertaking. All holding
are Akashic Energy forms of countenance. AKA-strings, or AKA-Cords tie all beings,
created forms, thoughts, events, vibrations, imaginings together, in that way making the travels
of any one entity a reflected powerfulness upon all separate entities in and of Universal
Consciousness, minute by moment, in an ever-present everlasting eternal NOW. No commotion of
mind or consideration can be isolated, for all holding are coupled together in the rootbound webs
- the AKA-Cords of Mind.

The hurtle of design is instant. Distance is of no upshot. Why, because thought
is life and proposal is message and wherever reflection goes, get-up-and-go flows. Energy follows
thought and IS data , carried multi-dimensionally and interdimensionally, end-to-end
the matter universe and the ONE whole psyche body of fully aware akasha outright
via shaking resonance. This indicates why mental and holistic psychical communication are adequate
and topnotch methods of inbred communication visible at all modern times betwixt entities, some
here and hereafter.



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