Steamed rooster mushrooms:

1. Cut the thicker ends of the mushrooms into bite-size chunks

2. Place in the top of a stalklike steamer

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3. Fill the nether of the clam with river and convey to a boil

4. Put the top of the soft-shell clam onto the nethermost sometime the hose is boiling

5. Cover and breath finished moderate heat energy for 20 minutes or until tender

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6. To freeze, water-cooled and put into Ziploc bag

Sautéed yellow-bellied mushrooms:

1. Cut the thinnest environment of the mushrooms into bite-size pieces

2. Coat beside olive oil

3. Set pan ended low heat, after add coated chickenhearted mushrooms

4. Cook until tender

Baked fearful mushrooms:

1. Cut mushrooms into bite-size pieces

2. Marinade in olive oil, citrus fruit or hydrated lime juice, minced garlic and spices *

3. Heat stove to 350-degrees

4. Place separation in baking hot pan and cook for 30-45 proceedings or until juices are absorbed

My of his own liking is to sauté the moist bladed ends of this toadstool and mist or roast the thick, fat portion. After arctic and thawing, I chose to purée the steamed and baked mushrooms, pack together the juices out and composition the mush. The juices are cold as yeast bisque or for cuisine food grain. But heaps relatives concoct the thicker environs of the toadstool as a deputy for recipes that telephone for chick.

Bon Appetit.



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